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Conscious Consumerism

Together, we can make a change in the way we view products. Our purchases can influence positive changes around the world.

Relephant Wellness

Change begins with you! It's important that you take care of your health through exercise and nutrition so that you can feel your best. Put your best foot forward and live big.

Mindful Matters

Understanding our influence on the world allows us to take a look at ourselves and see where we can grow. Expanding our knowledge, thinking bigger, and creating stronger mindsets are key to living each moment with purpose.

The Goal ...

To live a consciously crafted lifestyle where each product purchased, each habit built, each thought fabricated, is done so with mindfulness. We want to build the best version of ourselves and be catalysts of change to create a better world.

I'll be honest, I haven't perfected the consciously crafted lifestyle (yet) but I know that it's possible and that it can be simplified. So, I'm gathering information (hacks, awesome businesses, yoga stuff, mindfulness tips, etc.) and firmly believe that as long as we step forward together, we will be the change we wish to see in our world.

So, are you with me?

Let's Be the Change

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