10 Days Closer to the Happiest You’ve Ever Been

I’ve been reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero recently and came upon a fun thought for (once again) improving my outlook on life. We all need a little fine tuning for our mindsets on a regular basis to keep things in check. She was writing about how practicing gratitude might make you the happiest person possible, even in those less than pretty situations. I think we always have the power to choose our thoughts and sometimes we forget or disregard how strong that ability is. The internal dialogue anarchy needs to be put in its place every now and again for you to be the happiest version of you this side of the yellow brick road. So let’s cleanse.

Just like a nutritional cleanse, I’m proposing that we filter out the toxic thoughts by overriding them with the dedication to healthy conversations with ourselves. I’m not one of those strict dieticians that won’t allow you to cheat a little, don’t worry. It’s expected that you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, missing a sock, ten minutes late, and forgetting your phone at home. Normal.

I’m not expecting you to be a perfect saint–you’re allowed to curse, get frustrated, be cranky, and impatient–it’s natural. If you follow the 10x10x10 Challenge, however, all the BS welling up in you will be purified.

Here’s what I propose. You hold yourself accountable either by journaling, writing in the comment section on this post, logging on social media or asking friends to join and keep up with the challenge in a group chat. Commit to 10 days. Each day, do the following:

10 Deep Breaths

On average, humans take 15 breaths per minute. In Pranayama (breath practices) we can slow our breath to 5 per minute. Take two minutes to slow your breath down and note the changes. This technique can calm your nervous system, increase your focus, strengthen your diaphragm, and lower blood pressure.

10 Kind Acts

You might be surprised when you realize how simple these can be: holding the door for a stranger, smiling at someone on the street, helping a coworker carry something, offering your help, letting someone go first in traffic, calling an old friend, giving away a bracelet you wear a lot, etc. The list can be infinite, and I can’t wait to hear your creative ways of sharing kindness with others.

10 Small Miracles

Facebook memories are normally hauntingly embarrassing or feel like a surprising glimpse at someone else’s life. Ten years ago this week, though, the old me posted this quote by Einstein,”There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a
miracle.” And I thought, what if? Try it out: Look at ten ordinary things as if they are miracles. A child’s laugh, a group of people together for dinner, your loved one’s safe arrival home… And maybe you can begin to look at bad things as a miracle, too, like the boyfriend who broke your heart and made space in your life for you to focus on work and get the promotion you’ve been eyeing. Or forgetting your phone at home, which allowed you to be more present amongst peers. Or maybe you got a flat tire but made friends with the repairman. Anything can be a miracle if you let it.


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