Hey there, World Changer.

Welcome to RM. You're here for an incredible reason.

You're here because you have an incredible gift that the world needs you to share.

You've conquered the Big Fear and made it this far.

Now, that we've found each other, you have a supportive space to help you continue to rise.

I'm Katie.

I'm a teacher, motivator, meditation leader, social media, and marketing guru, ... and here to help you.

I share my 5+ years of experience in marketing with Conscious Entrepreneurs because I KNOW that now more than ever the world is in need of people like you with BIG IDEAS and BIGGER HEARTS leading the businesses of tomorrow. I'm dedicated to supporting your success in business and life through my 1:1 program.

Most coaches will name their business after themselves and give you "the perfect algorithm." I've chosen a different route because this work isn't about me, it's about YOU and the relephant matters you are here to change.

My job is to help you thrive so that you can be the Light this world needs.

Whether you are new to the business world or have been in it for a while now and just feel stuck, I will help you develop strategies that are sustainable because they are uniquely crafted for YOU. I'm a firm believer that we aren't here to burn out, we're here to RISE. We can't help positively impact anything if we cannot take care of ourselves. That's why my program takes ALL of you into account. I offer 1:1 coaching that hones in on your business needs and I follow each session with 'wellness homework' (yoga and mindfulness techniques) to amplify your life and business success.

I've created this space to help people who want to make a positive impact on the world. You're here because you and I have that in common, and I love that. Together, we can change the world. You have a gift I'm here to support you with unshakable confidence in YOU + your purpose. Let's do this.


My Story + Mission

Back when I graduated college with my bachelor's degree in English, I was unthinkingly enthusiastic about moving to NYC and working in the publishing industry. A series of events led me to Florida, then upstate NY and every time I went to submit an application to Harper Collins, I foolishly tried to shush the gut-churning feeling I'd get before hitting send.

I've never been one to fit the mold but I continuously tried to trick myself into doing it. I passed interviews with flying colors because of my experience level and the time I spent studying at Oxford University, but I never could commit to any 9–5 opportunities that were offered.

I would head home afterward are write my book, Signing Together with pure joy and excitement that never arose in any office building. I loved the feeling of making my own schedule, deciding my income, and choosing to donate proceeds of the book to the CdLS Foundation (more on this here).

It was a simple project that came from the heart and led to a spectacular adventure.

From it sprouted events, radio talk shows, and before I knew it I had nonstop calls from small business owners asking me to be their marketing specialist. I continued to run my own business until I found a full-time remote job as a Blog and Social Media Administrator. After that, I became a full-time yoga teacher and built a successful private practice teaching children and adults with special needs and disabilities.

One thing remained, though, I continuously received requests from clients who had heard about me by word of mouth and wanted help building their marketing strategies.

My 1:1 program brings all of these experiences together in a way that will guide you with branding and marketing your business. We focus on creating ease and clarity in your life and purpose by implementing mindfulness practices (meditation and yoga) crafted specifically for you. To learn more, send me a message and we can arrange your complimentary discovery call where we will discuss what your unique program will entail.