Autumn Health Boost: Fall In Love With Your Local Farmers Market

It’s the end of the season in chillier states, but farmers markets are still thriving and jamming along with great foods for your wellbeing. While you munch down on delicious, fresh foods, you’re also helping the environment and local economy. Locally grown foods support the greens near you by maintaining farmland and open space in your community. In Long Island, where I’m from (outside of NYC), there isn’t much of that, so it’s really important that we build our community and help those spaces thrive.

Here are some reasons to shop at the farmers market before they close up for winter.

Local Honey

Green tea, a slice of lemon, and a drop (or ten) of honey–YUM! Sign me up! For those of you with allergies, local honey in a cup of tea each morning can be a game changer for battling congestion.


An apple a day keeps the sneezes away according to the Crete diet study. Research showed that individuals who eat apples regularly have a better immune defense system against asthma and allergies.

Fresh Eats

Most of the time the food that you buy at the farmers market was just picked, maybe even that day. The fresher your produce is, the more tasty and nutritious it is.

Seasonal Foods

It’s best to eat food when it’s actually in season. If produce is not in season in your area, that means it’s grown further away, might be manipulated to increase growth rate, and has more hands (and who knows what else) on it before it makes its way to you. Some foods that you’ll see at markets right now might be squash, celery, asparagus, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cucumbers.

There’s another stretch of 70-degree weather swinging by NY this week, so I’m looking forward to picking up a few things this weekend. Once the cold weather comes, I’ll be all about butternut squash soup, though!

What’s your favorite food to eat in the fall?



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