One Thing at a Time: Good Ways to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Those potato chips look pretty good, don’t they? Saying no to junk food is easier said than done, especially when you can practically taste the salty deliciousness on your tongue. But you’re stronger than your taste buds and bad habits! Building healthy new routines require a reroute and one step at a time.

Habits are like sandwiches, they come in all different sizes shapes and forms. They can be colossal life-consuming endeavors, greasy and gooey, green and lean, or cheap excuses we feed ourselves. Good news is, you can make your own. They can be easy, too. Here’s how you reroute from the ugly habits to the healthy ones:

1. Study it.

Notice the habit itself and its framework. In what context does it live? According to NCBI, most habits have triggers and we wind up following through automatically once it’s initiated by the trigger. Take note of the contextual cues that are urging you to down a plate full of potato chips. From there you can move toward redoing your routines.

2. One is a good goal.

You might have some bad habits you’re eager to chuck out the window in garbage bags like your dirty-rotten-no-good-cheating ex’s old clothes. Hold on a second, though. Let’s not start a war with our lifestyles, there’s a peaceful way to be out with the old and in with the new. Choose one habit that’s really driving you up the wall and work on that one first.

3. Replace it.

What has that habit been holding you back from? If you’ve been biting your nails and just stopped, maybe now you paint and admire them. For my friends who pick their pimples, maybe now you reward yourself with smiling back at yourself in the mirror. Do something that makes you feel good about your new and improved habits.

Remember, small steps equate to big moves. Set the goal, analyze the problem, attack it with love, and move forward to the healthy lifestyle you deserve.



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