Consciously Craft Your Life Through Coaching

What if I told you that the ENTIRE universe is conspiring to help you succeed? What then? Is there anything you would not do if you could not fail? Imagine this to be true for a few minutes: you can succeed at anything you dream up. What do you see? How do you feel? Now, I’ll tell you the only thing keeping you from success. It’s not your environment. It’s not your education. Hell, it’s not even your money. It’s the story you tell yourself about why you are where you are, feeling how you feel, and sticking to where you feel stuck.

It may look like a harsh thing to say on the surface, but the undercurrent is strong in that statement–and if your curiosity is pulling, it’s time to let it guide. To reclaim your power, you NEED to dive deeper. Yeah, that’s it! Take off the swimmies and hop off the life raft because YOU CAN begin anew. You can free yourself from the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have been keeping you immobile. You don’t have to be a victim to those habits. You can heal yourself.

The question is… are you ready? Do you want to live with joy, purpose, strength, peace, and freedom? Do you want to reveal your greatest gifts that are hiding beneath the weight of your past? I hope you do.

It’s time we ALL stop being afraid of growth. Stop being afraid of embracing our darkness, because guess what … we need it in order to enhance our LIGHT. It’s time to end bad habits. Leave dead-end jobs. Cut off unhealthy relationships. Release judgment. It’s time to dismiss what insults your soul and take the initiative to live with your purpose and be FREE.

What does this have to do with Relephant Matters?

Relephant Matters focuses on bringing people together who want to raise their consciousness, live their best lives, and leave a positive impact on the world through their purchases, lifestyles, and choices. It all begins within. I believe that if we heal ourselves, we then heal the world around us. By discovering and living our life’s purpose, we become fulfilled and release the thoughts of lack, frustration, anger, and suffering. When we rewire our thought patterns to serve our lives, we wake up with joy, and when our feet touch the ground in the morning, we step into our power before going out and spreading those positive feelings to the world. Imagine this to be true for a few minutes: a world where every person has healed themselves and lives a fulfilling, purposeful life. Relephant Matters is about YOU, it’s about US, it’s about healing the WORLD.

I want to guide you. The limiting beliefs that I’m here to help you be free of are so common now that people live in a fog that makes them unable to see their greatest strengths.

I want to help facilitate the healing of others. I’m a Life Coach and I work one on one with people who are ready to unleash their inner power and take off the veil that’s held them back in the past. I guide people in a way that liberates them from limiting beliefs, dismisses distractions from the ego, illuminates their greatest gifts, and supports them as they discover their inner guru. My practice combines studies of meditation, life coaching, breathwork, and self-development, and infuses perspectives of their unique personalities through our communications as well as through the eyes of Ayurveda, Numerology, Yoga, and a birth chart reading in order to better understand their needs not just in weekly sessions but daily lifestyle choices. Working with me to consciously craft your life is an empowering practice that illuminates and inspires not just you, but those around you. I will work with you to clear blockages, to find your center, and create both peace and strength in your life so that you can live the life you have dreamt of.

Let’s connect over an awakening conversation. Send me a message to say hi and set up your complimentary consultation session!


Love + Light,


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