Discovering Your Truth and Being True to YOU

In tough situations, being true to yourself can feel as easy as running up an icy hill. Once your truth is discovered, it isn’t easily ignored. It rests in your mind wanting to be released and expressed and often times it isn’t simple to follow. The true self is challenged by judgment, fear, relationships, environment, and more. Your true self, however, wants to get to the top of that slippery slope no matter how many times you have to slip and faceplant into the snow. It wants to victoriously stand at the peak because it knows that the view from the top is so much more than what it was at the foot of the hill.

There’s a moment in each of our lives where we come face to face with our truth. It looks different to us all. Sometimes it falls into your lap. Sometimes it’s simple and clear cut, or easily attained. Other times it’s like a drawer full of neglected necklaces knotted up and in need of your dedicated attention to sort through the haze. It can scare off even the boldest of us, but always, in very human, in every life, there is a gift given. That gift is our truth and it doesn’t matter what it looks like or feels like to anyone else, because we were each given a truth for a purpose higher than ourselves. Maybe it’s because of that, that we are so challenged by our faith. Maybe we’re afraid we’re not strong enough, or big, or great enough to stand with our truths despite all the good that will come of it.

One of the big problems is that it’s easy to stay at ground level. Things are simple there. Even despite the fact that 90% of the time there’s nothing going on there and the other 10% of the time, there’s an avalanche rolling down. When you avoid connecting with the true self, you avoid feeling the joy that’s deep within you. When you run from truth, it creatively finds new ways to challenge you. In the face of those challenges, we have two choices: grow forward or fall back.

What’s ahead is better than what’s behind, though. No matter how scary it may look initially. You will be met on the otherside with a reward that makes even the ugliest of situations and relationships feel supported by love. Cultivating your faith in your true self and divine path are the keys to your happiness.

Try this meditation and journaling practice to discover the truth within you.


Sit in a comfortable position with strong posture and legs crossed while your hands rest on your thighs. Let your palms shine upward and bring your awareness to your breath.

Satnam or “true name” meditation represents the conenction with the truest, highest self. Satnam can also be seen as a mantra which says, “Truth is my name.” In this practice, you press the thumb against each finger to represent connection with the energy within which you are calling to.

  1. Say “Sa” and press the thumb to the pointer finger.
  2. Say “Ta” and press the thumb to the middle finger.
  3. Say “Na” and press the thumb to the ring finger.
  4. Say “Ma” and press the thumb to the pinky finger.
  5. Reverse it. Say “Sa” while pressing thumb to pinky, “Ta” with thumb to ring finger, “Na” thumb to middle finger, and “Ma.”

Practice this for about two minutes speaking the words outloud, followed by two minutes softening to a whisper, and two minutes repeating in your head.

When you finish, take a few more deep breaths. Then, take out a journal and set a timer for 3-5 minutes. Write your subconscious thoughts, do not edit, do not erase, do not pause to think. Share each and every thought on paper no matter how scary, seemingly unimportant, or silly it might seem. When the timer is up, read through. If something stands out, circle it and ask why? Don’t be afraid of the answers. Bravely listen to your truth.


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