Ten Tree The Nature Lover’s Consciously Made Outerwear

About two years ago I stumbled upon Ten Tree, a clothing company that is dedicated to consciously crafting clothing and planting ten trees for every item sold. I can’t even tell you how much I love everything I’ve purchased from them, but I’ll try.

So far, I’ve bought my winter jacket there, a sweatshirt, journals, and a backpack. The first was for me, but all of the others after that were for other people and they all love them. My winter jacket has lasted through so much craziness. Last year, I traveled all along the California coast and then to Hawaii. That jacket was with me from San Diego to San Francisco and was jammed into my backpack more times than I thought it could handle, but it’s so strong. I’d be surprised if it didn’t last forever. It’s a beautiful jacket, and also warm, comfortable, and fairs well in all weather.

It’s hard to put into words how special it is to visit natural phenomenas like Yosemite or walk through the Redwoods while being able to wear something that has supported their preservation. When you make a purchase with Ten Tree, you receive a token. It’s basically the “X marks the spot” for the trees you’ve helped add to the world. When you get your token, you can type the code into their site and see the trees on a map. Even if you don’t have a chance to sit in pure amazement of a national forest or hug a redwood tree, those tokens are a marker for your impact on the world and something to feel good about.

Recently, backpacks created from recycled plastic bottles have made their list of products, and guess what–they’re also AWESOME! I bought one for my best friend (and life-long adventure partner) for her birthday. We like to go hiking, running, and traveling. For my birthday, she bought me a CHILLAX Hammock so that we could dedicate more time to hiking and being outside so it seemed only fitting to get her a bag to carry our stuff in.

It’s durable, comfortable, and has great pockets. My only qualm is that the zipper on the big section goes down all the way. I prefer the zipper that stops above the water bottle pouch because it prevents me from accidentally opening my bag too wide and dropping everything out, which happens to me nearly everytime. Personal preference.

Picture from TenTree.com

The other recent buys I mentioned were the 4 pack of journals and a sweatshirt for my boyfriend. He loves the sweatshirt (and so do I, so it might disappear soon). I don’t shop often by any means, but their stuff is such high quality and so good for the planet, that I can’t help but go a little spending crazy on their site. I’m actually struggling to hold myself back from this cozy looking purchase right now. In the meantime, I’m wondering, what outdoor apparel do you love? Have you bought from Ten Tree? What do you think?


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