The Relephant Story: How Relephant Matters Was Born

Here’s the story…

I’ve been on a mission to consciously craft my life and help others do the same so that we can make a positive impact on the world TOGETHER. Consciously crafting your life means taking a step back and looking at where you are, where you want to be, how you can create a positive impact for yourself and the world around you. It’s about taking the time, seeing the value in your choices, feeling empowered, and while being good to yourself, being good to the world.

Rather than automatically walking through life making the first choice available I’m trying to make choices that give me good karma, good vibes, and make me feel GOOD! And, as I’ve been learning the tricks to crafting a mindful life, I’ve realized how important a community with these values is! I want to share all of this with you so that the whole “good life” thing is a lot easier and more accessible.

I started writing the original Relephant Matters blog in 2014 and spent a year loving bringing health tips, positive stories, conscious consumerism advice, and mindfulness to others. The name Relephant came from my love for elephants and dreams of helping save them. It’s also a play on the word, “relevant.”

After about two years, I stopped writing the original RM. It was partially a fear that I was alone in my goals and another part the fact that I began necessary journeys working as a Blog and Social Media Director, becoming a published author, traveling, and teaching yoga, but the passion for making conscious living easier never left. All roads led back to RM.

In August of 2017, I realized how much I thrived when surrounded by others who believe that by living their best life they can make the world a better place and that Relephant Matters was my way of bringing people together who want to make a difference for themselves and for the world.

So, here we are Relephant Readers. Let’s make the world (and ourselves) better than ever!

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