3 Down to Earth Yoga Pants That Are Good for the Earth

As a yogi, I’m looking for some yoga pants that fit the requirements: strong and flexible material, a hip-hugging waste line, and of course, no ass visual in forward fold. I don’t ask for too much… There is one other thing, though. Can a girl get some yoga clothes with positive energy? Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding yoga pants that are good for my asana and the earth, too. There’s a lot of eco-friendly activewear out there, but I’m also on a budget, so while I’d like to pay for the quality of karma sewed into the seams, I also can’t afford $120 pants that will face beaches, hikes, sweat, and lord knows what else.

1. Teeki

“An undisturbed stretch of land, a sacred space to call home, the reflection of clean water, and a breath of fresh air. we strive to preserve and honor the pure beauty of this earth for all generations to come. every teeki lover is helping to make this dream a reality.” – Teeki

Image from Teeki.com

Hands down, Teeki is my favorite on this list. Their brand has always had this aboriginal vibe to it that’s vibrant, peaceful, and unique. Recently, they added solid prints for everyday wear (thumbs up, Teeki!) and they’re working on adding men’s clothing to their line as well (double thumbs up). Their mission is to show their gratitude for the earth and educate their customers on sustainability. In their warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, they sew together recycled polyester (crafted from plastic water bottles attained from local recycling centers) and 100% organic cotton. Then, their water-friendly printing process utilizes ink that is safe for the environment and their workers. This company is extremely transparent, you can read all about their work here.

If you want to try some of their stuff out, get 10% off with my link.

2. PrAna

Truth bomb: I haven’t shopped here. BUT my boyfriend just bought two pairs of shorts that he describes as, “comfortable enough to practice yoga all day in and subtle enough to wear with anything.” This is a guy who owns maybe 10 articles of clothing–he’s a minimalist through and through–so, if he loves them, I can’t imagine anyone not.

PrAna was founded in 1992 on the promise to be an environmentally sustainable organization. Their dedication led them to only use Fair Trade certified partners across the world and create the Natural Power Initiative. NPI engages in practices that reduce greenhouse emissions and development of renewable energy. Partnered with Bluesign, which measures the sustainability and safety of raw materials utilized by manufacturing companies. PrAna says, “it helps us create vibrant colors without polluting our oceans and rivers.” Additionally, you can shop their site by searching through values such as fair trade, recycled, country of origin and more.

3. Love ZuVi

Created by a powerful mother-daughter-duo, this brand recycles plastic bottles into fabric for their clothing line. I bought my ZuVi pants about 2 years ago and still wear them a ton. They’re the type of bellbottoms that you can wear anywhere, anytime, and everyone will compliment and then touch.

The material is SO soft and weightless. As you can see in the image, they’re a little long for me (I’m 5’3″) so when I wear them out, I usually tie the ankles into knots and guess what, they still look awesome. I like their clothes for my more peaceful practices like restorative, or for teaching. I cannot stress enough how comfortable they are, but I have to admit, the waste-line isn’t very strong on these pants (maybe it’s better on their leggings, I don’t know), so they slide down a lot. Fair warning, the bell bottom style is not suggested if you’re looking to be moving a lot like you would in a vinyasa class. Their leggings, however, are definitely one of the most affordable on this list.

If you have any of these, give a review in the comments and share your thoughts!

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